Travelling through time with Internet Time Machine

By Village Mayor • Feb 2nd, 2009 • Category: Latest Post, Weird

We are not kidding – time travel is really possible! With today’s technology it is only possible in the internet and in TV series such as Lost but we think it will soon be possible in real life.

How?  WaybackMachine collects snapshots of the web since 1996, so you can play around in the old times of the internet. The loading speed of those websites also some how reminds me of 1996 dial up connection. Nevertheless, here are some of our discoveries: in Dec 02, 1998

Link:Dec 02, 1998

Clean and tidy from the beginning, I only hate those ugly looking green rectangles. The interesting thing is, that google hasn’t changed a lot – even kept the original buttons. in Oct 17, 1996

Link:Oct 17, 1996

Messy and overcrowded from the beginning.. in Jan 17, 1997

Link:Jan 17, 1997

They had the best Logo designer in those times. in Dec 07, 1998

Link: Dec 07, 1998

Nice header. in Nov 10, 1996

Link: Nov 10, 1996

Very friendly website – they had 2 versions: Adult and Kids, not like websites in these days :(

Find 10 differences

Adult version:

Kids version:

I can see more “M” letters in the second version, and one of the pans moved behind the guys back.

P.S. today’s website looks worse than in 1996. in Dec 25, 1996

Link: Dec 25, 1996 in Dec 20, 1996

Link: Dec 20, 1996 in Oct 12, 1999

Link: Oct 12, 1999 in Dec 09, 2004

Link: Dec 09, 2004

It’s incredible how much the internet has grown up and especially in design – it became much more beautiful.

Now it’s your turn to travel through time! Go to WaybackMachine and have fun there -  just don’t forget to share your discoveries in the comment section.

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