The Happiest Countries in the World

By Village Mayor • Sep 26th, 2009 • Category: Miscellaneous

In recent studies recording life satisfaction, of citizens from around the world, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development determined that some countries are just simply happier than others. If you’re looking for more smiles in your life, consider heading to one of these delightful countries for your next holiday. We’ve all heard the saying ‘laughter is contagious’, so why not head to one of these happy destinations for the holiday of a lifetime.


While the official reports from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development outline a great deal of information, relating to the statistics of most countries, at first glance it is difficult to see why Denmark reached the number one position, of being the happiest country in the world. Overall the country ranked satisfactory, however, further investigation proved that Danes truly are the happiest bunch of people around. Many experts believe this is greatly influenced by working conditions in Denmark. The data collected showed that just 1.92% of people work long hours in Denmark, making for overall satisfaction in life.


Carrying-on with happiness in European countries, Norway came in at position two on the prestigious list of life satisfaction. In recent times, financial problems have played havoc with the happiness of families all around the world. The country of Norway, however, is one of the most financially secure nations around the globe, creating a happier living environment for many citizens.


With great party destinations like Amsterdam, it’s no wonder that the people of the Netherlands are so happy! This Dutch nation produced good results across the survey, providing people with a number of great reasons to be happy. Just 0.68% of people worked more than 50 hours each week, while the Netherlands still reported good results for disposable income.


If you’re planning a holiday of relaxation, be sure to head to Finland. Home to more than 2 million saunas and an average of just less than 15 hours per day dedicated to leisure time, it is easy to understand why the Finnish are just so satisfied with their lives. Only a small number of citizens work greater than 50 hours per week, allowing them to dedicate a great deal of time to doing the things they love.


While it has always been a favourite holiday destination, seeing Australia on the list of the happiest countries in the world was still a surprise to many experts. When comparing results to other countries, Australia showed that citizens have very little leisure time, contributed to greatly by increased hours of work. While Aussies do work longer, they also showed outstanding results for quality of health, showing that sometimes hard work really does pay off! If you want a happier lifestyle, be sure to check Australian holiday packages and start smiling today!

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