Interesting Bus-Stops around the World

By Village Mayor • Oct 14th, 2008 • Category: Architecture, Latest Post

I believe that every one of us has waited for a bus in a bus-stop at least one time in our lifetimes. And I am pretty sure that 99% of them were absolutely dull and boring. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Look at these interesting bus stops, and if you happen to see one too, don’t forget to take a picture and send it to us.

Bus-Stop in Dubai

(Image credits:elvis_payne)

Probably the most advanced bus-stop on this list – fully enclosed with air conditioning. It stands near Burj al Arab and Wild Wadi (water theme park).

Classic Car and bus stop in Havana

(Image credits:projectkevp)

I like those old massive works like this bus-stop. Taken from cab window : 50′s car with original 1930′s bus-stop behind.

Bus-Stop in Brisbane, Australia

(Image credits:Bandido of Oz)

A lounge room made of a bus stop. Looks like some grandma decorated it.

Bus-Stop in Curitiba, Brasil

(Image credits:elvis_payne)

Such tubes are all over Curitiba, and the only way to get on and off buses is from inside these tubes.

Bus-Stop near Corinth Canal, Greece

(Image credits:CorinthianGulf)

Very poor bus-stop in Greece, someone even brought some chairs.

Bus-Stop in Stovring, Denmark

(Image credits:Matt Carman)

This one looks spacey and cosmic. It stands in Stovring, Denmark.

Bus-Stop in Scottsdale’s, Arizona, USA

(Image credits:phoenixdailyphoto)

It looks pretty neat. This is a new look of Scottsdale’s bus-stops, made of metal.

Bus-Stop in Changzhou, China

(Image credits:Augapfel)

The best one, just a sign put in a pile of straw. No wonder why – it stands near a village, and creative villagers must have built it. If you zoom in, you see that it’s a “Coach Station”.

Bus-Stop in Yemin Orde, Israel

(Image credits:Nitzan Brumer)

This one looks like from Flinstones. Only 2 seats :(

Bus-Stop in Australia, near Indian restaurant

(Image credits:Thaddeus Maximus)

I wonder if all the Bus-stops look like this one in India.

Bus-Stop in Kapan, Armenia

(Image credits:elmada)

Strange bus-stop from the Soviet Era, pretty cool.

Bus-Stop in, Seattle, USA

(Image credits:Tracy O)

This one has a really interesting mosaic, gives a cozy, happy feeling.

Bus-Stop in Salinas, Puerto Rico

(Image credits:guenno)

I like it.

Bus-Stop in California, USA

(Image credits:…-intherough-…)

(Image credits:…-intherough-…)

A prize for the best bus-stop design goes to this one. “Created in 2002 by award-winning artist Dennis Oppenheim, the twisting and arching perforated steel structure depicts the metamorphosis of a bus becoming a house. Fans adore its whimsy and its one-of-a-kind appeal.”

Bus-Stop in Volgograd, Russia

(Image credits:musatych)

A heritage from Soviet Era again, looks like a hat to me.

Bus-Stop in Wellington, New Zealand

(Image credits:*TreMichLan*)

A childish bus-stop with zoo animals. A good idea how to transform a boring bus-stop into something colorful and interesting.

Bus-Stop in Athens, Ga

(Image credits: SleepingBear)

Interesting one, made from a school bus?

Have a picture of a cool bus-stop? Send it to us!

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