Incredible Optical Illusions (Part I)

By Village Mayor • Nov 2nd, 2008 • Category: Latest Post, Weird

If you think you can always trust your eyes, think again! Our mind often plays tricks on us. Check this little collection of most popular optical illusions.

Oh, and I just found one incredible optical illusion that isn’t here on this list but I even had to open this picture in photoshop to check how can it be possible.  After reading this post, don’t forget to check out this link:  30 Interesting Facts about Human Brain (at the very end of the article).


(Image credits: seaniz)

“These complimentary colours create the appearance of movement in our peripheral vision as our eyes move across the image — notice the coil that you are looking at directly does not appear to move at all!” (seaniz)

Waving Coffee Beans


(Image credits: Travelin’ Librarian)

This is not an animation!  It is a completely still image.

Stare at the center


(Image credits: noheat)

Just stare at the center, cool, huh?

Count the Black Dots

(Image credits: Johnny Vulkan)

Seen it many times, but those who haven’t can count the black dots :)

Black Dot and Haze

(Image credits: iwishicoulddescribeittoyoubetter)

Keep staring at the balck dot. After a while… oh wait, it is written in the image :)

Rotating flowers

(Image credits: John Peterson)

Still image! Keeps rotating till you look at it directly.

Colour Illusion

(Image credits: Mike Young)

“In this illusion, the second card from the left seems to be a stronger shade of pink in the top picture. In fact they are the same colour, but the brain changes its assumption about colour due to the colour cast of the surrounding photo.”

Revolving Circles

(Image credits: Fibonacci)

“The two circles seem to rotate when the viewer’s head is moving back and forth while looking at the black dot.”

The Spinning Dancer


(Image credits: Nobuyuki Kayahara)

“Some observers initially see the figure as spinning clockwise and some counterclockwise. Additionally, some may see the figure suddenly spin in the opposite direction. The illusion derives from an inherent ambiguity from the lack of visual cues for depth”

It took me quite long to see her spinning in the opposite direction.

Which One is Bigger?

(Image credits: Fibonacci)

Very old and classical one. Those orange circles are the same size by the way.

John Lennon

(Image credits: Roebot)

Try looking at it as far away as possible and you will see him!


Look at this video in full screen for a while, then look at the surroundings. This one is insane! No need of psychedelics anymore.

A comment from becibod:

“if u look at ur skin it is creeping and crawling and if u look at a friends face (or ur self if u wanna be really creeped out) it is even beter! try it”

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