Creepy Toys

By Village Mayor • Jan 22nd, 2009 • Category: Latest Post, Weird

Not so long ago, I came across interesting set of photos.“creepy dolls” was the name, I think. Photos were something magical: dolls with big blue eyes photographed in a such way that you could feel a goose bumps on you… Some really creepy $hit. Ok, maybe it’s creepy just for me, or maybe it’s because I was alone in a room in the middle of the night…

So anyways,  maybe you enjoy a bit of creepiness sometimes too, who knows…

The following picture is my favorite one. It’s just something that makes me say wow! Beautiful, indeed…  and yeah, not that creepy :)

(Image credits: mms0131)

This is Blythe and for many years it was a curiosity that only doll collectors were interested in. But one day something happened and Blythe became a celebrity. If you are interested in a history, here is a few links: wikipedia and

(Image credits: TCM Hitchhiker)

(Image credits: TCM Hitchhiker)

(Image credits:TCM Hitchhiker)

(Image credits:monkeyjunkie)

(Image credits: maury.mccown)

(Image credits: carf)

Abandoned doll hung up on the barbed wire fencing surrounding Zé Pretinho’s scrapyard in Eldorado.

(Image credits: lefthandrotation)

(Image credits: carf)

(Image credits: dev null)

(Image credits: peasap)

Creepy doll laying in the grass outside. Battered, broken, dirty but still smiling! Very creepy indeed. Why is it that such innocent objects as these can become the subjects of nightmares?

(Image credits: amy_b)

(Image credits: Joseph Robertson)

Village of Joy

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