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Controversial Sculptures by David Cerny

By Village Mayor • May 8th, 2009

Continuing our article series about the most creative artists in the world this time we present very controversial artist David Cerny from Czech Republic.

12 Odd and Bizarre Fountains

By Village Mayor • Jan 27th, 2009

Collection of very odd and bizarre looking fountains from around the world everyone should see.

50 Strange Buildings of the World (Part III)

By Village Mayor • Jan 14th, 2009

Hi there! We proudly present another huge collection of strange and unusual buildings. Hope you’ll like it.

20 Unusual Churches (Part II)

By Village Mayor • Jan 6th, 2009

Most extraordinary, strange, odd, you name it, churches of our planet. Look at those spectacular churches built on the tip of the mountain, carved out of stone or built deep inside underground and tell me that there is no god!

Top 10 Strangest Buildings in the World

By Village Mayor • Nov 19th, 2008

After collecting 2130 votes on, we can finally tell The Top 10 strangest buildings in the world.

20 Unusual Churches (Part I)

By Village Mayor • Oct 25th, 2008

This post is not about religion, it’s about architecture. Not just architecture, but unusual architecture, and to be more exact – unusual churches. I am sure that there are hundreds and thousands of beautiful churches around the world, but only very very few are so odd, that you would definitely take a camera and take a picture.

Interesting Bus-Stops around the World

By Village Mayor • Oct 14th, 2008

I believe that every one of us has waited for a bus in a bus-stop at least one time in our lifetimes. And I am pretty sure that 99% of them were absolutely dull and boring. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

50 Strange Buildings of the World (Part II)

By Village Mayor • Oct 12th, 2008

Hey Folks! This is the second issue of amazing and strange buildings of the world. This list, same as previous one, contains 50 buildings. Hope you’ll like it.

Dynamic Architecture: Rotating Buildings in Dubai and Moscow

By Village Mayor • Sep 16th, 2008

The miracle of engineering – rotating buildings. Nothing is impossible anymore, you can visit them soon in Moscow and Dubai.

50 Strange Buildings of the World

By Village Mayor • Sep 4th, 2008

Hey guys! Here’s a huge list of 50 strange building all over the world. Enjoy.


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