Amazing Eye Macros (23 Pictures)

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“The eyes are the mirror of the soul” – says an old Yiddish proverb. And that’s true! But do animals have a soul? Look at their eye extreme close-ups and try to see one.

A close-up lens (or diopter) enables the camera to focus closer than it normally can. While stacking bunches of close-ups can give you some great shots with good magnification,  stacking more than 2-3 lenses might not be  really worth it.

There is a technique involving reversing a lens to gain magnification. It is sometimes even called “a poor man’s macro”. If you’re a happy camera owner and are interested in macro photography you might wanna check these books:   John Shaw’s Closeups in Nature (Practical Photography Books) or John Shaw’s Nature Photography Field Guide.

Fly’s Eyes

(Image credits: ~jjjohn~

Another Fly

(Image credits: kevincollins123

Wow, someone likes eating at Mc’Donalds.

And Another….

(Image credits: Pedro Moura Pinheiro

Electron Micrograph of Fly’s Eyes

(Image credits: Shirin Pocha

A scanning electron micrograph of a close-up of a Drosophila fly’s eye.  The structure of the eye, similar to many other insects, is termed a compound eye and is one of the most precise and ordered patterns in Biology.

Those things in their eyes looks like spear-heads! Have anyone of you tried touching fly’s eyes? You would probably  start bleeding.

Dragonfly (Common Darter)

(Image credits: macropoulos

Dragonfly  (Common Darter)

(Image credits: macropoulos

Emperor Dragonfly (Anax imperator) male

(Image credits: macropoulos

Dragonfly (Crying?)

(Image credits: timitalia

Poor little guy.. Who did it to you?

Face of a Southern Yellowjacket Queen (Vespula squamosa)

(Image credits: Opo Terser

This one is so perfect, my favorite one! such a beauty…

Blue Banded Bee

(Image credits: aussiegall

A Solitary Bee’s Eye

(Image credits: kevincollins123


(Image credits:dincordero

Jumping Spiders Close-ups

(Image credits: Opo Terser

(Image credits: Opo Terser

(Image credits: Opo Terser

(Image credits: teejaybee

Human Eyes

(Image credits: ►Voj►

(Image credits: C. Young Photography

Just look at those strange patters in human’s eyes. Weird, huh? Our eyes are not as solid as I thought they were.


(Image credits: OntCopper)

(Image credits: Jessie Whittle

What the?? Is this his eyes? Because it seems so 2D.

Frog’s Eye

(Image credits: ToniVC

Cat’s Eye

(Image credits: Marcos Teixeira de Freitas

House Ant

(Image credits: Pedro Moura Pinheiro

Ant Lion

(Image credits: Budslife “busy”

“Disco night at the Ant Lion nest!” (comment by GoldenGlovez from Digg)

PS.: If you enjoyed this post, you can find more eye macros here: 20 Incredible Eye Macros (part of them were used in this article)

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