50 Weird and Crazy Cars

By Village Mayor • Oct 1st, 2008 • Category: Art, Funny, Latest Post, Weird

Most of us have very usual cars – maybe an old VW, or a new fancy Ferrari. But you can find plenty of those around. VW can mean, that you have some financial problems, Ferrari shows that you are a rich lucky bastard.

But a really creative and original person must have a car which cannot be found in any auto store, something crazy, strange and absolutely unique. Well check out this great list of 50 Weird and Crazy cars and after that take a hammer and go to your garage.

1. Green Grass Car

Green Grass Car

(Image credits: dipfan)

2. Cat Car

Cat Car

(Image credits: Dunk the Funk)

3. Alien Car

Alien Car

(Image credits: ThisIsIt2)

4. Car after Divorce

Car after Divorce

(Image credits: mintlipgloss)

5. Double car

Double car

(Image credits: Michael (mx5tx))

6. Dragon Car

Dragon Car

(Image credits: groovehouse)

7. Camera Car

Picasa Content

Camera Car

(Image credits: jc/pics)

Camera Car

(Image credits: manueb)

8. Electric Muffin Cars

Electric Muffin Cars

(Image credits: Rodny Dioxin)

9. Floppy-Disk Car

Floppy-Disk Car

(Image credits: photophonic)

Floppy-Disk Car

(Image credits: photophonic)

10. Giraffe Car

Giraffe Car

(Image credits: missdarling)

11. Horse Car

Horse Car

(Image credits: AlmostJaded)

12. Hot-dog Car?

Hot-dog Car?

(Image credits: Matt McGee)

13. What is it?

What is it?

(Image credits: Benjamin Pender)

14. Weird Car

Weird Car

(Image credits: Archie McPhee Seattle)

15. Another Weird Car

Another Weird Car

(Image credits: groovehouse)

16. Lady’s Shoe Car

Lady's Shoe Car

(Image credits: Tom Harpel)

17. Ugly Monster Car

Ugly Monster Car

(Image credits: groovehouse)

18. Mouse Car

Mouse Car

(Image credits: yeoh_ts)

19. One-eyed Monster Car

One-eyed Monster Car

(Image credits: Elmer Presslee)

20. Organ Car

Organ Car

(Image credits: Bill Dimmick)

21. Peacock Car

Peacock Car

(Image credits: steev

Peacock Car

(Image credits: steevithak)

22. Phantom’s Car

Phantom's Car

(Image credits: Rodny Dioxin)

23. Poodle Car

Poodle Car

(Image credits: Yaya Dada)

24. Sand Car

Sand Car

(Image credits: . SantiMB .)

25. Scary Car

Scary Car

(Image credits: kuow949)

26. UFO car

UFO car

(Image credits: Avi_Abrams)

27. Shoe Car

Shoe Car

(Image credits: Xurble)

28. Skull Car

Skull Car

(Image credits: claud334)

29. Snail Car

Snail Car

(Image credits: stolenbyme)

30. Sphinx Car

Sphinx Car

(Image credits: Bill Dimmick)

31. Crazy Face Car

Crazy Face Car(Image credits: caffeineslinger)

32. Telephone Car

Telephone Car

(Image credits: Mr. Kimberly)

33. Tubular Car

Tubular Car

(Image credits: Mr. Kimberly)

34. UFO Car


(Image credits: arnet)

35. Ugly Bug Car

Ugly Bug Car

(Image credits: Tim_Klein)

36. Wooden Car

Wooden Car

(Image credits: gocarts)

37. Zoo Car

Zoo Car

(Image credits: djwudi)

38. Bunny Car

Bunny Car

(Image credits: Lush.i.ous)

39. Crazy Shark Car

Crazy Shark Car

(Image credits: AlmostJaded)

40. Fly Car

Fly Car

(Image credits: claud334)

41. Fish Car

Fish Car

(Image credits: ThisIsIt2)

42. Futuristic Car

Futuristic Car

(Image credits: Mr. Kimberly)

43. Bath Car

Bath Car

(Image credits: Yaya Dada)

44. Duck Car

Duck Car

(Image credits: David M*)

45. Star Car

Star Car

(Image credits: Neurofibromatosis – Reggie Bibbs)

46. Octopus Car

Octopus Car

(Image credits: Neurofibromatosis – Reggie Bibbs)

47. Sand-crawler


(Image credits: giantmonster)

48. Post-It Jaguar

Post-It Jaguar

(Image credits: Scott Ableman)

49. House Car

House Car

(Image credits: drewdomkus)

50. Turte Car

Turte Car

(Image credits: Lush.i.ous)

(via BoredPanda)

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