30 Stencil Graffiti Artworks that are worth seeing

By Village Mayor • Feb 25th, 2009 • Category: Art, Latest Post, The Best of Village of Joy

Some people will say it’s definitely Banksy others will deny that.  I intentionally haven’t written the artists that made these graffiti stencils, because it always gets people into quarrel.

Moreover, knowing the artist distorts the way you see and evaluate the Artwork itself – because if you are a fan of Banksy – even a poo on a wall made by him will look cool to you.

I give you an unique opportunity to see this art without knowing who drew it (if you don’t know it already of course) and be not biased about it.

Enjoy the street art!

1. Snort (London, UK)

(image credits: What What)

“after following a white paint trail around the streets of shoreditch it ends up at this stencil. “

2. Do not cross (Copenhagen, Denmark)

This would look even cooler if the Police Line was actually real.

(image credits: akav)

3. Maid (London, UK)

(image credits: What What)

4. What Are You Looking At? (London, UK)

(image credits: bhikku)

Apparently the cam read the stencil and decided to look somewhere else (see how it looks now: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bhikku/55921364/)

5. The Thief(London, UK)

(image credits: Bright Tal)

6. Rude Boy Rat(Brighton, UK)

(image credits: What What)

7. iNeed (London, UK)

(image credits: What What)

8. Dead Pedestrian (somewhere in Europe)

(image credits: x10art)

9. Banana Therapy (London, UK)

(image credits:imagesniper)

10. I Am Your Father (Melbourne, Australia)

(image credits: sensesmaybenumbed)

11. E=mc^2 (London, UK)

(image credits:wokka)

12. Cut here! (somewhere in the planet Earth)

(image credits: x10art, but we got an email from “x10art” that it was not his original idea, he saw it somewhere in the net)

13. Taking Shower is for Dirty People (Washington, DC, USA)

(image credits: MatthewBradley)

14. Girl Jumping (Brooklyn, NYC, USA)

(image credits: Qaanaaq)

15. Don’t F*ck up (Berlin, Germany)

(image credits: dr. motte)

16. I have The A.s.s Too! (Only God knows where..)

(image credits: Maxx)

17. Ribcage (Paris, France)

(image credits: What What)

18. Killing People is Rude (Chicago, IL, USA)

(image credits: ElDave)

19. Strange Zebra (Dublin, Ireland)

(image credits:jaqian)

20. Leopard Escapes (London, UK)

(image credits: Judo10)

21. Just Back from McDonalds? (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

(image credits: Lord Jim)

22. Just Do It! (Lisbon, Portugal)

(image credits: cudmore)

23. Girl Slide (London, UK)

(image credits: unusualimage)

24. Take That Society (London, UK)

(image credits: unusualimage)

25. The truth about Paris (Barcelona, Spain)

(image credits: Dr Case)

Sometimes simple truths can look cool.

26. Kid and a Boat (London, UK)

(image credits: Zohar Manor-Abel)

27. Art Removed! (Asheville, N Carolina, USA)

(image credits: zen)

“These slabs were where for the last two years the Winklers had worked hard despite the Asheville Cultural Art and Parks people to get the French Broad River Sculpture Festival up and running. It was a tremendous success, but they were asked to do something crazy like provide a flood-plan and other paperwork hassles so they’ve moved it this year to Woodfin. A loss for us in Asheville, but i’m glad it’s still able to continue.” Funny protest indeed.

28. Weapon of Mass Humiliation (Wellington, New Zealand)

(image credits: maxw)

29. B*ch and The Beast (Madrid, Spain)

(image credits: Brocco Lee)

30. The Truth about Capitalism (San Francisco, CA, USA)

(image credits: Jeff Tabaco)

If you like graffiti art don’t forget to check this also:  Amazing Graffiti Art by Banksy

If you want to dive deeper in this subject there is an excellent book about street graffiti: Graffiti World: Street Art from Five Continents

“Nicholas Ganz has done a great job at traveling the world to capture in this book the state of street art everywhere. Taking the reader through it by continents (Americas, Europe, Rest of the World), the book takes you on an in-depth, visually-loaded trip that highlights the work of the best street artists around these days.”- review from Amazon.com

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