25 Crazy iPod Ads

By Village Mayor • Dec 3rd, 2008 • Category: Ads, Latest Post

Probably a lot of you guys wonder what the hell is iPod… According to Wikipedia: “iPod is a brand of portable media players designed and marketed by Apple Inc.”

Now that you know, what iPod is, you can have fun looking at these iPod Ads (ps. some are actually not ads).

But wait! I have a warning for all iPod users…

According to a study done, the iPod’s full range of sound can go up to 120 decibels, which is just like standing next to a jet plane when it’s taking off. If you listen to your iPod that loud (hopefully you don’t), you could already be suffering from hearing loss.

1. iScream

(Image credits: Theta75)

2. iNeed

(Image credits: What What)

3. iPot

(Image credits: What What)

4. iLost

(Image credits: Rodrigo Vera)

5. iRaq

(Image credits: kwc)

6. iBelieve


(Image credits: villageofjoy.com)

(Image credits: –nathan)

7. DefectiveByDesign.org iPod

(Image credits: GregoryH)

8. iPod 911

(Image credits: myuibe)

Picture author: “totally contrary progress: left is the harrowing result of conflict on flattening the globe, the other simply displays how it is flattened into an ipod nano”

9. Stewie iPod Ad

(Image credits: AlbySpace)

10. Quagmire iPod Ad

(Image credits: Theta75)

11. Homer Simpson iPod Ad

(Image credits: dandiemer)

12. iPod – Not just for people

(Image credits: denn)

13. iGuazo

(Image credits: nomeacuerdo the parrot)

14. iFence

(Image credits: Bakkster_Man)

15. Stumpy iPod

(Image credits: nomeacuerdo the parrot)

16. iDebate

(Image credits: ~kate~)

17. WalkPod

(Image credits: Neil101)

18. What are you doing to me!?!

(Image credits: dirac3000)

19. iPod thief warning sign, Hoxton, London, UK

(Image credits: gruntzooki)

20. iPood

(Image credits: Untitled blue)

21. iGod

(Image credits: deepwarren)

22. iBear, iMoose, iDeer & iWolf t-shirt

(Image credits: muckingfajic • duhn.net)

23. iVanity

(Image credits: penguin_bisque)

24. iForce

(Image credits: lawndart)

25. iQaeda – Because Life is Random

(Image credits: davesag)

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