14 Lovely Hearts for St. Valentine’s day (pictures)

By Village Mayor • Feb 9th, 2009 • Category: Latest Post, Miscellaneous, Photography

We all celebrate St. Valentine’s day, but do we all know why the heart form is like it is? If you have had some biology classes apparently you already noticed that the real heart looks completely different from the heart we like to draw.

(Image credits: Bob.Fornal)

Romancestuck.com gives us these 3 heart form theories:

Modeled after an actual heart.

The theory says that the modern drawing of a heart is actually modeled after the actual human heart because the ancients, including Aristotle, and even some today, believe that the heart contains all human passions. The traditional heart form more closely matches that of a cattle heart, which was more readily available in sight in past centuries, meaning they modeled it after a cattle heart. However, the resemblance to the cattle heart is still very slight.

Depicts the female body.

Some say that the traditional heart shape actually represents body features of a female, such as the vulva, breasts, or buttocks. The female pelvis is also somewhat heart-shaped. Because the female gives birth to life, this could be the association with the heart-shape and love.

Derived from a seed.

A last theory is that the traditional heart came was derived from the plant seed of the Silphium plant. This now extinct (for over two millennia) North African plant was found in the ancient city of Cyrene during the seventh century BC. The plant was most commonly used as seasonings, but was also widely used as a contraceptive in ancient Egypt. Because of it’s importance to their economy, they depicted the shape of the seed on their coins. The seeds were distinctly heart-shaped. It is said that because of the use of the plant as a contraceptive, the shape of the seeds became associated with sexuality and eventually with romantic love.

So theory aside, there are some lovely Heart Pictures for you.

Gymnastic Heart

(Image credits: GrinnellGirl)

Traffic Light heart

(Image credits: greekadman)

“This is real …no photoshop… It’s somewhere in the “Marais” in Paris”

Bread Heart

(Image credits: svet)

Coffee Heart

(Image credits: Onio-n)

Broken Window Heart

(Image credits: mommamia)

Money Heart

(Image credits: wisforworlddomination)

Photo filter Heart

(Image credits: Philgarlic)

“R2 filter balanced on a book, black velvet backdrop, Vivitar 285 on 1/16 shooting through a 1/2″ cardboard grid, about 2.5ft. high and behind subject.”

Old Potato Heart

(Image credits: sasanusia)

Palm Hearts

(Image credits: Gare and Kitty)

“…these hearts were formed when this leaf first started to grow and emerge. The palm leaves are all rolled up when they first grow, before they open, and in this case, an insect (or two) must have chewed through the rolled up leaf, leaving multiple almost exactly spaced and sized holes. So when the leaf unfurled fully, this is the result.”

Car Tracks Hearts

(Image credits: lovestruck.)

“No PS..and no magic…just walking through town yesterday and saw the tracks where a car had turned around….”

Door Heart

(Image credits: xurde)

Dollar Bill Heart

(Image credits: Thomas Hawk)

It was made from a single dollar bill. If you like this one, don’t forget to check 15 Amazing Money Origami post.

Chocolate Heart

(Image credits: Bob.Fornal)

But don’t forget that the real heart looks like the one above. So if your love is real, you should always  give your lover only real looking heart chocolates.

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